Privacy Policy

Please note that the current privacy policy applies only to Staff/Agents/Partner/Third Party logging into WEP Online tools (For privacy policy applying to website visitors, prospects or participants, please refer to the legal pages on the WEP website of your country).

If, for the purpose of your cooperation with WEP, you have been granted access to CRM/OMGT/BO/WEP Access/WEP Intranet/ WEP Extranet or any other online tool edited by or for WEP. Here is how your personal data will be handled:

  • - The connection to the app is done with a Gmail account. We are collecting your last name, first name and email address.
  • - The sole purpose of this data collection is to identify you and make sure that you are allowed to enter our system and allow you to send email on your behalf when when you are connected to the app.
  • - We will not use this data for serving advertisements.
  • - For the purpose of system security, maintenance and error tracking login time, log in date will be kept for each connection.
  • - WEP will not collect other type of data
  • - These data will be kept for the duration of your collaboration with WEP and up to 7 years after cooperation is ended. After this date, data will be deleted.
  • - No other personal data will be collected by WEP
  • - If you wish to verify the data collected on your or if you have any complains regarding how WEP is handling your data please contact